High-level Competitive Bidding

It is very exciting when both sides bid to game level or beyond - and also somewhat daunting. One poor judgment can see a "top" disappear into an embarrassment, sometimes too embarrassing even for a "one that got away" story later. However there are a few tools that can help improve the good to bad story ratio.

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What suit to lead?

In the game of Duplicate Bridge the defence's leads, particularly the opening lead of a hand, are often critical. Here we explore some guidelines as to what suit to lead. Separately we explore the more straight-forward question: the choice of card once the suit has been chosen - see What card to lead.

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Basic Defender Communication in Play


  • Defender communication helps you avoid embarrassment by knowing what to lead and what not to throw away
  • Worth the learning - you defend about 50% of the time
  • Much more satisfying (and legal) than relying on sighs and facial expressions

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What card to lead?

In the game of Duplicate Bridge the defence's first lead of a suit, particularly the opening lead of a hand, is often critical. Below we explore some guidelines that help the defence maximise their chances and avoid the worst mistakes. You can try this quiz before or after you read below.

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Bridge Services and Resources

Austega's David Farmer offers a range duplicate bridge related services in Sydney's north east, including:

  • beachbridge1Teaching beginner and/or improver players in groups or on a private basis (generally using the Standard American bidding system common to Australia)
  • Directing bridge tournaments (including teams and Swiss Pairs) or regular club sessions (David has C2 "congress" accreditation and is experienced with Bridgepads and Bridgemate devices)
  • Advising or assisting with club management issues such as bridge technology, masterpoints, marketing etc 

Austega has also made available a small number of bridge learning resources on this site:

Card play tips

This article covers a range of important tips on card play in Bridge. Initially it relied heavily on Card Play Technique by Victor Mollo and Nico Gardener. I recommend this book for any aspiring bridge player even though it was first published in 1955, and some of its jargon is a little dated. In time I expect this page will evolve to be less reliant on this first source.

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