Ed2020 Risk Incident Examples

There is a growing list of risks that can stop a school in its tracks...

INCREASING PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY is a dangerous development for schools - institutions that used to belong, with churches and government, in the "community good will and responsibility" realm. This is decreasingly the case and school boards, councils and principals need to seriously consider adopting professional risk management principles and processes. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of serious incidents, but it will also be demonstrable evidence of the professional management and care now expected of schools and individually of their office-bearers.

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Ed2020 Risk Management

Guidelines for school risk assessment and management... (c.2000)

Risk assessment and management

Schools are under increasingly difficult pressures - legal and political, insufficient funding, technological change, even more demanding parental expectations - any of which could undermine a school's critical brand value and viability almost overnight. Yet many schools continue to operate without the risk management policies and oversight that most other businesses now consider essential. Moving towards more student and technology centred education practices will also change and potentially increase the role of risk management in schools.

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Ed2020 Useful Links

Links to interesting electronic resources that are taking us to education's future (c.2000)

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Ed2020 Educational Foundations

Explores the educational issues and goals that should be driving the trend and pace of technological change (c.2000)

IT IS IMPORTANT to focus on educational goals so that they drive technological change, rather than schools and school systems simply reacting to the latest products or funding availability. Or if this is too utopian, then at least the impact of technological change should be assessed against underlying the educational goals.

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Ed2020 Industrial Relations

Remaking the role of the teacher (and student) and the structure of the school may cause a few concerns... (c.2000)

One of the key constraints on the effectiveness of the new technologies in schools may be resistance caused by the discomfort or fear of the teachers, students and administrators in regard to the technologies.

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Envisioning the 2020 school

Identifies and evaluates technology and non-technology trends that are creating the 2020 school... (dated c2000)

TREND - From a life-time's learning to a life-time learner

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Ed2020 Political Foundations

Behind the educational and technology issues lurk the ever present financial and political constraints. (c.2000)

Issues include:

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