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Risk & Banking Services

In the period from 1991 to 2011 Austega provided a range of risk and banking focused services to a range of Australian financial and regulatory institutions. These engagements included: 

  • Coordinating for a major bank a collaborative white paper on the liquidity and funding management changes required as a result of the global financial crisis and associated regulatory changes 
  • Guiding the design and implementation of a best practice enterprise risk management system across a major financial system regulator
  • Managing the design and implementation of a Basel II AMA accredited measurement model and supporting processes for operational risk for a major bank
  • Reviewing and redrafting of a group-wide liquidity risk policy for a major bank
  • Guiding the development of a Basel II compliant incident reporting system for a major bank
  • Managing the identification and trial of risk indicators to assist with management and consistent reporting of risk for a division of a major bank
  • Providing forensic treasury audit and review services to a major regulator
  • Coordinating the implementation and testing of businss continuity planning for two divisions of a major bank
  • Designing, implementing and leading a new department in a major bank responsible for its group-wide operational risk management, business continuity, insurance and compliance
  • Authoring commissioned papers and submissions on themes of Banking and Social Responsibility and Money Laundering in Australia

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