Site set up/transfer checklist

1. Register Domain Name

  • Choice amongst those available including TLD suffices
  • Remember to align with and register social network names
  • Set up reminders to renew

2. Choose server host and ensure its fit

  • Set up site

3. Choose canonical name

  • Set up .htaccess to redirect from non-canonical

4. If transferring from other server/domain

  • Back up old domain – and consider a FTP dump at file level
  • Transfer content
  • Check links and linked files all pointing to new domain
  • Set up redirects for all important changed urls

5. Google webmaster tools set up

  • Verify
  • Indicate canonical preference in Settings
  • Set up maintenance reminder

6. Speed settings

  • Caching
  • Gzip
  • Minifying CSS JS

7. Identify any performance goals and monitoring system

  • SEO
  • Traffic
  • Page speed


Separate List

1. New Site Checklist
 Set up SEF URLs
o .htaccess
o Global Config
 Add Akeeba Backup (and do it)
o Add automated Cron job
o Possible cloud backup destination
 Add Akeeba Admin Tools
o ??
 Enable SmartSearch & index
o If plugins for all critical content
 Add site map
 Add privacy policy
 Add breadcrumb with delimiters
 Set up author names and created/modified dates to appear on authorative content
 Add site offline image
 Add site suitable error messages (see below)
 Add Google Analytics
o Create Google Analytics Property
o Set up Asynchronous Google Analytics plugin
o Diarise to monitor
 Add Google Adsense
 Add Google Webmaster Tools
o Verify site (via Analytics)
o Canonical redirect?
o Diarise to monitor
 Bounce rates
 Low click through rates