A.                 MySQL

1.                  Reference

2.                  Using phpMyAdmin

a)                 Create data table

  1. oEstablish name convention for tables and fields –
  2. oField names – avoid spaces, need to know types and lengths and index fields (including primary index field)
  • §Need to then define fields – Field Name / Type / Length / collation / Attributes / Null / Default / Extra / Primary / Index / Unique
  • §Pass error checking
  • §If in Excel then save as .csv

b)                 Import data from Excel/CSV

  1. oChange delimiter if necessary
  • §Start | Control Panel | Regional… | More settings | List separator
  1. oDrop top header row before saving
  • §If converting CSV data to SQL then a number of free and low cost online and offline tools available
  1. o - uses field names in top row, need to know table name
  2. oCut and paste SQL output into xxxx.sql file
  • §phpMyAdmin | choose database | table | Import data into tables
  1. oSelect file, delimiter, drop “ and try – correct on any errors
  2. oif attempts fail, may need to remove any partial uploads to avoid duplicate error
  • §Test upload of newly created tables