Living & Learning with Dabrowski's Overexcitabilities

A teaching unit by Cindy Strickland

Dabrowski's work has become of great interest to educators concerned with the social and emotional development of gifted students. It has been my experience that helping gifted middle school students understand his concept of overexcitabilities gives them increased insight into their personality traits and reassures them that they are not alone in some of their feelings and reactions.

This unit was written for use in a pull-out setting for gifted students at the middle school level, although most of the activities would also be appropriate for older or slightly younger students. The unit is designed to take about 3 weeks, meeting for one 50 minute period per day. Teachers can pick and choose activities to make the unit longer or shorter. The activities can also be done over a longer period of time, if the class does not meet daily.

This unit would also be an appropriate unit of study in an honors language arts class because of the amount of writing, reading and presenting that is required, or in an honors social studies course due to the sociological and psychological aspects of the topic. This curriculum might also fit in with a health or child development curriculum.

The teaching unit is in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf 149k). You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here if you do not have a copy.

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