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Was once one of the web's better collections of electronic resources for parents and teachers of gifted children but is now out of date...

LINKS ARE LISTED by groups as follows:

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General reference TOP

  • Australian Government Education Portal - Covering education across Australia.
  • The ERIC Clearing House - The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is probably the most comprehensive clearinghouse of education related material, including extensive coverage of gifted children. It provides a bibliography of relevant publications and other useful information. You can simply ask ERIC a question. ERIC also includes (2,600 as at Jun 2003) succinct public domain digests of information including many related to gifted and talented children which are independently searchable.
  • AcademicInfo: Subject Guides - More than 25,000 subject guides provide a great introduction to almost any topic.
  • Flinders University Library - Provides an annotated list of key reference sites.
  • Gifted Resources - An Australian information service for parents and teachers of gifted students and the service providers that cater for them.
  • Google's Gifted Education collection - Shows the most frequently visited sites by category.
  • KidSource Online. - A large range of articles on various aspects relevant to parents and teachers of gifted children, many of which appear to be ERIC digestsrepublished.
  • Nation Deceived - A US site with relevant information on the research related to acceleration.

- Identification TOP

- Gifted & learning disabled TOP

  • All kinds of minds - Great site exploring the different ways children learn and providing resources and support for teachers to respond to this challenge
  • GLD Info - A collection of information sites collated by the NSWAGTC GLD Support Group
  • Dsylexia Online - Online magazine with information and resources.
  • Gifted & Creative Services Australia - Lesley Sword's site, with a visual-spatial emphasis.
  • Hoagies Visual-Spatial Links - Annotated links.
  • NeuroLearning - a website created by Dr Fernette Eide to help parents learn about their children's learning differences and disabilities
  • Uniquely Gifted - Excellent and comprehensive site covering gifted children with special needs (ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Asperger Syndrome, etc)

- Underachievement TOP

Mainly for familiesTOP

- Preschoolers TOP

- Years K-6 TOP

  • Aunty Math - Weekly maths challenge aimed at K-5 from DuPage Children's Museum
  • Boston Children's Museum - An interactive museum.
  • Bubble Dome - An interactive children's story website that aims to develop imagination and lateral thinking.
  • BrainPop - Selection of animated movies on health, sceince and technology themes.
  • Capital Children's Museum, Washington DC - An interactive museum.
  • Cartoonster - Free animation tutorials from an Australian high school student.
  • Chicago Children's Museum - An interactive museum.
  • CSIRO Education NSW - Access to a range of programs for children and their schools.
  • Cyberchase - A high production value site with many maths games.
  • DiscoverySchool - Learning and homework help oriented site for K-12 students and their teachers/parents.
  • Electronics for Beginners - Australian site by Peter Schmedding
  • EngQuest 2006 - A fun, hands-on and exciting schools program for primary students, encouraging interest in Engineering, Science, Maths and Technology.
  • Eureka Children's Museum, Halifax UK - An interactive museum.
  • - Very large annotated directory/search engine of web sites of interest to kids.
  • KidsClick - Good portal to info on a wide range of subjects, apparently vetted by librarians.
  • Hoagies' Kids - Provides a range of interesting activities and links to great places for kids.
  • The Mummy Maker - BBC game about mummy making in ancient Egypt
  • Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures - Attractive free Flash animated site for learners (and teachers).
  • Puzz - Lateral thinking and logic puzzles.
  • Shields, Knights and Heraldry - Offers free software to allow children to make their own shields/coat of arms.
  • The Space Place - NASA's site for kids interested in space-related activities and science.
  • Try Science - Educational science site with a range of games and experiments.
  • Yucky Body - An informative animated site on the various bodily functions (except reproductive ones).

- Years 7-12 TOP

Mainly for teachers TOP

- Resources TOP

  • Artchive - An apparently full and free collection of the world's great art with commentary.
  • Awesome Library - Provides 18,000 reviewed web resources including the top 5% in education.
  • Cool Slang - An archive of world slang in multiple languages - and you can contribute your local variants.
  • Colour Theory - The part of art about how to mix and put colors together.
  • - Free college level tuition material in a wide range of subjects
  • EdResearch Online - Australian database to 12000+ journal documents, 75% available in full for free
  • Epals Classroom Exchange - large provider of safe email and international epal arrangements
  • Future Problem Solving Program - Engages students in creative problem solving, stimulating critical and creative thinking skills and the development of a vision for the future. Programs in US/Australia/NZ and mentoring elsewhere.
  • High School Hub - Great US site providing categorized links to free online resources relevant to high school students
  • Hoagies Internet Programs - Internet based programs for full classes K-12
  • Illuminations - US mathematics mega site with classroom ready lessons and applets.
  • Impressionism - A tour of French impressionist paintings with suggested teacher lessons for grades 1-8.
  • New ItemLearning the Value of Money - A range of resources and games to help learning about money.
  • Lesson Planet - Commerical site, 150,000 searchable lesson plans reviewed and rated by teachers.
  • Kindergarten Connection - Fresno Pacific Uni's support site for kindergarten teachers.
  • National Centre for History Education - Excellent gateway for teaching and learning Australian history.
  • "Night of Notables" - Describes the Night of the Notables (or variously, Festival of the Famous or Evening of Eagles) programs used in many Australian schools to cater for gifted children and to promote autonomous learning.
  • Perpetual Preschool - A site with a large range of contributed preschool teaching ideas.
  • UN's CyberSchoolBus - the United Nation's global teaching and learning project provides access to some fascinating and mind-expanding information particularly for those interested in the larger world, and also a few games.
  • Wikipedia - free collaborative encyclopedia covering everything but with a possible special appeal to gifted idealistic students ready to contribute to such a global knowledge project.
  • Check also under Mainly for Families for age specific links of value to parents, children and teachers.

- School G&T policies TOP

  • None known at present...

- Teaching practice TOP

  • Aust universities explore tailored electronic learning based on pretesting
  • Gifted Education Professional Development Package - Australian Government commissioned package developed by the Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC) at the University of New South Wales. This research, in plain language, is illustrated by cartoons, case studies and examples of how it can be applied in the mainstream classroom. The modules cover all levels of schooling: early childhood (the initial years of schooling), primary (later years of primary schools), and secondary (secondary school). The modules are also ordered according to whether a teacher is in a rural or urban school, teaching in the classroom or involved in school administration, or whether the teacher is working alone or undertaking professional development in a small group or whole school situation.
  • Know Drama - Interesting Australian site dedicated to supporting a fresh approach to teaching
  • Guidance on teaching the gifted & talented - UK National Curriculum guide for teachers

- Tertiary institutions/courses/research centres TOP

Education systems TOP

- Australia TOP

Support groups & institutions TOP

- Global focus TOP

- Australia TOP

- United States TOP

- Other countries TOP

Conference papers TOP

Discussion lists TOP

  • Gifted Families is an Australian-based internet discussion list intended to provide online support.
  • Oz-Gifted (OG) is an Australasian-based internet discussion list for parents and teachers of gifted children.
  • Our Gifted Online Conferences - New US conference list for parents and others interested in discussing gifted issues.
  • egpg-gifted is an Australian support group for parents of exceptionally and profoundly gifted children - identified or otherwise. This group's focus aims to provide support and understanding for families who are dealing with the particular challenges of raising these kids.
  • GT-Families - Discussion of range of issues facing families raising gifted children.
  • GT-Special - Discussion of range of issues facing "twice-special" children, that is gifted children who also have a learning disability and/or other neurological problem.
  • TAGFAM is an internet mailing list for families of gifted children in traditional schools.
  • TAGMAX is an internet mailing list for families of gifted children in home schooling.
  • TAGPDQ is an internet mailing list for families of gifted children needing radical educational or social accommodation.